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About Us

Tracy S


Tracy has been doing nails since 1842. Her first pedicure was for President John Tyler. She then became licensed in 1994. Her specialties are flawless acrylic sets and fills, and the most amazing pedicures. Pro tip: ALWAYS get a massage from her. Thank me later.

Want to be on her good side? Talk about literally any dogs. Your dogs, her dogs, dogs on TV,  strange dogs you saw at the park. Any dog will do. On her days off she loves to relax at home with her own dogs and catch up on her favorite TV shows. Definitely expect to see at least two photos of her precious, darling, daughter during your visit. 

If Tracy had to compare herself to a celebrity, it would either be Betty White or Betty Paige. 

Anderlie T


Ma'am! Anderlie has been doing nails for 5 years, all the while imagining she is actually studying charms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although she is only a muggle, her gel manicures, pristine nail art, and colorful hair will make you believe she is indeed magic. 

During her free time, she enjoys absolute silence and bragging about being from Northern California while relaxing with her dogs. During, your appointment expect to be entertained with her attempts to speak both Italian and Spanish. If you are lucky, you may even catch her nursing a fresh Harry Potter themed tattoo. 

If Anderlie had to compare herself to a celebrity, it would be either Marilyn Monroe or Marilyn Manson. 

We would love to see you in person so we can tell you what this salon is all about, and so we can get to know you better!

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